Dates and files issues on new (children) sites.

Hi there,

The plugin works “almost perfectly”.

1. If you have a blog (as a template) where you have used it for a few test pages/posts/categories and so on when used as a template you get the new site having post iDs like 234, 520 etc.

2. The new (children) sites will have as dates for the inherited posts/pages the original ones from the mother template. This is quite uncomfortable because you end up with posts on your newly created site dating back to December 2010 for example. :slight_frown:

3. When you select for the files to be copied as well, the files get copied alright but the links on the posts/pages link to the mother (template) site.

4. In the .dir folder for the new child you get all the months since the first post (dating back to 2010 for example).

Can we also find a solid solution on having the users able to choose a template on signup? This feature has also been around for quite some time as well. :slight_frown:

Can you please look into these issues?

Thank you