db calls for specific numbers displayed in page

Hello there,

So, this is a weird request, not sure if it's possible at all but figured there's no harm in asking as a search didn't turn up with anything.

This is the frontpage of the Wiki I'm setting up:

Those numbers are fake, they are just literally numbers I typed in.

My question is, is there a way they can be legitimate?

So, for example:

"knowledge items": Number of wikis onsite.
"searched for life": number of visits the "life" wiki has received.
"searches so far": because I doubt a number of searches is kept, I'd imagine the best option here would be visits of all wikis combined or if it has to be simplier, visits the website has received (though that would be much more obvious that its just a simple visit counter).

And if so, what code should I put in the page content to add such numbers?