Deactivated plugs in a multisite environment


Can I ask if there is any harm or benefit in keeping a large number of plugins deactivated but installed?

Currently my wp has 400 deactivated and 35 network active plugins.

Kindly comment.

Kind Regards

  • Vaughan

    Hi Nasreen,

    Hope you're well?

    Technically there's no harm, but it will waste server resources reading the plugins list and so on. So i'd reacommend ideally to remove any plugins that you really aren't using or going to use.

    Also it removes any potential risk of exploits due to any unknown bugs (not saying there will be any, and certainly those same risks would potentially be there if the plugins were in use too), but prevention is better than cure.

    There's no need to hoarde the plugins, you can always reupload & install them againwhen you ever have a need for them.

    Hope this helps

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