Deactivating Classifieds

I installed Classifieds on a pristine WP 3.1.1 / Buddypress 1.8.1 installation. It didn't work just generated 404's / fatal errors when trying to access anything to do with classified, although the remainder of the site still worked OK.

I deactivated the Classifieds plugin thinking I'd be back to where I was before but it has seriously screwed up the site with MySQL warnings throughout the site.
Reactivating the Classifieds plugin removes the MySQL warnings but I've then still got the 404s / fatal errors etc when trying to access anything to do with the Classifieds plugin.

I've reinstalled WP 3.1.1 - but still got all the MySQL warnings.
I've reinstalled the Theme (not one of your theme's but it was working perfectly until I installed the Classifieds plugin) - still got all the MySQL errors.

The only thing I've not done yet is to physically delete the plugin via ftp but I suspect that this will not resolve the problems that the plugin has created. I don't see why deactivating shouldn't work - like it does with other plugins?

Question - how do I get rid of the Classifieds plugin and get the site back to how it was beforehand?

  • DavidM

    Hi univiz,

    I've got the Classifieds plugin running on a few test sites and haven't seen that type of issue myself. Have you tried a different theme as yet, especially the BuddyPress default theme?

    Also, I'm sure your error logs would show something regarding the cause of the issue. If you'd like to post theme here, we'll take a look with ya.

    Could be something got corrupted in the database, which does happen for whatever reason. And it rather sounds like that might be the case.

  • univiz

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    However, as sections of the Admin had also been trashed, I've deleted everything and am re-installing from scratch (minus the Classfields). It was a new site so no data as such has been lost.

    When I get back to where I was, I'll do a separate test installation with the Classifieds to re-create the errors. The Theme, which is compatable with BP and WP3.1.1, is running successfully on another site with AWPCP, but it does have custom post types so I think perhaps the Classified's custom posts may have clashed with those of the theme. I would like to get the Classifieds working for the integration with BP and for the credit system but Classifieds would have to work with the theme in question otherwise I'll just continue with AWPCP.

    I copied a couple of the error messages:

    ** This was before deactivating Classifieds:
    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/xxxxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/xxxx/functions.php on line 148

    ** This was part of the MySQL warnings that appears on every page of the site after deactivating Classified:
    Warning: preg_split() expects parameter 2 to be string, object given in /home/xxxxx/public_html/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 34

  • univiz

    @phil and @johnnymestizo

    I've done a clean install from scratch (without the Classifieds!) and site now back to where it was before. I've reverted to AWPCP as that works OK straight out of the box.

    I was going to do a test install to see if I could get classifieds working as I like the fact that it integrates with BP and has a credits system (AWPCP creates a standalone section on the website, but at least it works and doesn't trash anything - and it's free) but looking at the documentation for Classifieds, it doesn't work with other WPMU plugins that have custom post types and, as my theme has custom post types and custom taxonomies, I've decided to wait until WPMU resolve the CPT issues and then I may try again.

    @johnnymestizo - I hope you find solutions to your woes!

  • DavidM

    Hi univiz,

    The plugin should work just fine alongside other custom post types. It's actually just CustomPress that it wouldn't work alongside, but it wouldn't really need to because it has its own integrated version of it. Directory likewise has an integrated CustomPress though there are other reasons you wouldn't want these two running alongside each other.

    However, other custom post type plugins should work just fine alongside Classifieds. Have you experienced issues with that though? We'd love to get this Classifieds issue all sorted for you so if you'd like to get it setup on this freshly setup site of yours we'll gladly look into it with you.

    @johnnymestizo, I believe there's a plugin conflict of some sort in your case, but we'll get that sorted in your other thread.

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