Deactivating membership plugin

Hi there, I decided I do not need the members plugin anymore. I am now just using pro sites plugin. I would like to uninstall it from one site but keep it installed on the network so I can charge if members want to upgrade their prosite..anyway .. My question is, am I able to deactivate it from just the one site( my main site which has buddy press as well) without doing anything special? I don't want it to ruin my site of course so I'm wondering if there are any special steps I need to take when doing this?
Thank you for your time

  • msblogs

    Hi there:slight_smile:
    Oh geeze lol ok let me explain a little and see if it makes sense..
    When I first installed the memberships plugin it was network activated I believe. And I messed around with it on my site assigning access levels and creating subscriptions to test out the plugin.. Then once I installed the Prosites plugin, I started assigning premium plugin restrictions and in order to make the Memberships plugin an upgrade, I understood it as I needed to network deactivate Memberships plugin. I may have been wrong to do this.. So as of right now it is not network activated.
    I have buddy press installed and I seem to be having problems..
    There are two registration sign up pages. One allows to create An account and register a blog.. And the other says I don't have permission or doesn't say anything at all sometimes.. I think I have some kind of conflict between the 2 .. Or 3 plugins..
    My main question is, if I don't have memberships plugin installed, what is a basic user... Just a visitor that wants to become a member to the main site ...allowed access to exactly? I don't want them to be able to have any access to admin features like on the dashboard.
    Sorry!! I really appreciate your time and efforts..
    Hopefully this explains it a little more and maybe you can suggest what I need!?

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