Dead Links when searching, replying, anything loaded by ajax

I have been struggling with an issue where any links/images loaded through an ajax request gives bad URLs for images and links to profile pictures (when a profile picture is uploaded).

This problem seems to have happened post BuddyPress 1.5. I decided to test upgrading WordPress to the latest version, BuddyPress to the latest version, and even bought the latest bp-social theme.

I set up a website with all the latest software here as a test to try to figure out this problem:

To get the error: log in with <removed>

Go to Community > Members

These links all work to profile pages. For example,

do a search for, say “admin”. The link is now:

A similar problem happens on the activity stream. I disabled the ajax request for searches by commenting out the jQuery code in global.js, which made it so the first page of results during a search will work (because it’s a regular browser request). However, pages of users etc, will not have the correct urls/images as those pages are loaded in through ajax.

Any leads, any leads I would love. I have been hammering away at this for too long. Thank you so much!