dealing with form spam in forminator


is there any way/method to deal with form spam in forminator? A client is getting quite a bit of form spam.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi cornelius_butler

    I hope you’re doing fine today!

    There’s already a support for Google reCaptch built-in into the Forminator (thanks Fabio Fava for jumping with a great suggestion!) so all you’d need to do would be to go to

    “Forminator -> Settings -> Google reCAPTCHA” page

    and configure it there. You’ll need to add your reCaptacha Site Key and Secret Key there, set a language and a theme and you’re good to go.

    Additionally, for each form in the form settings section in a “Behavior” tab you can also switch on “Enably honeypot protection”. That’s an additional tool that can “trick” many spam bots so they won’t be able to successfully submit the form – they’ll “think” they submitted it but will not actually do this, while “human users” will remain unaffected.

    Best regards,


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