dear Supporters! I like to customize my wiki page so that

Hello dear Supporters!

I like to customize my wiki page so that it is structured the way i want in my frontend.
For example: I want a custom sidebar on the left side, showing the search widget and links to the archives of my 5 main categories and maybe other widgets.

With the help of some previous entries here I came that far right now:

To customize the structure of your frontend you have to produce your own templates:

1. Go to the plugin directory wiki/default-templates and copy the file incsub_wiki.php, which is wikis so called Custom Post Type Template.

2. Insert the file into your child-theme folder twice and rename it. Now you can edit your Archive-Page within the archive-incsub_wiki.php template and your Single-Page within the single-incsub_wiki.php template.

2.1 This article from 15. September 2015 says you should let those files be contained by the following folder structure: your-child-theme/wiki/default-templates/... . This does not work, either for me nor for Jake, who initially requested.

2.2 So i tried to put the templates directly into my main child-theme folder. This had the ugly effect that the new templates didn't integrate in the existing page structure, e.g. the post-container disappeared. Reason: The standard wiki header didn't show up (I guess its because not inside the above mentioned folder structure – got this info from here:

Unfortunately the topic was not really resolved yet and left open questions:

It would be really great to get this topic explained by a blog article as supposed here:

It would be wonderful if the plugin would come with two sample custom templates, too.

Also, some explanation how the plugin template is integrating into the standard wordpress template structure would be awesome to have!

Thank you in advance!

  • Luís

    Hi @Rupert,

    I hope had been good today!

    Some of the issues you are experiencing, I went unable to overcome. I flagged the developer so he can give your valuable feedback.

    Regarding to the sidebar, our Custom Sidebar Plugin can achieve you goal, I think:

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

  • Rupert

    Dear Luis,

    thank you for your answer!

    When will it be possible to get a valuable feedback from the developer? I think this is an important topic and there are still answers missing in not just mine but in every post about the idea of customizing the wiki templates.

    I'm looking forward to use the Wiki Pro Plugin on my site but am not able to do this because of lack of documentation about my request.


  • Luís

    Hi @Rupert,

    I hope had been good today!

    Sorry for my late reply and all the problems it may have caused.

    I tried the customization of the wiki pages and the integration in the theme structure. I started with the single wiki:

    1) Copy the wp-content/plugins/wiki/default-templates/incsub_wiki.php to your theme root folder.

    2) rename it to single-incsub_wiki.php

    3) Now you need to follow the theme struture for the single post.

    4) I used the Twenty Fifteen (default 2015 WordPress theme), I copied all the code used in the single.php and content.php to this new file "single-incsub_wiki.php" and I replace the "entry-content" code by the code used in the incsub_wiki.php.

    Attached I send you an example of the customization of single-incsub_wiki.php

    Each theme can have different structures, try do the above steps and let me know the results you get.

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

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