Dear Team I'm testing out your "new" version of pro-site.

Dear Team
I'm testing out your "new" version of pro-site. On my live site I have still an older version where I can link the free trial level with a level I have defined in 'Levels'.
In the new version of your pro-site plugin I can't find this possibility? Am I not seeing it? What rights does a customer have, if he is in the trial period? And: how can I show the 'Free' Level in the pricing table?
Thanks for helping me!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey Dominic,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for this question!

    I think I owe you an explanation here :slight_smile: With the new Pro Sites the term "free" changed its meaning a bit.

    The point is that now there's a "free level" and a "free trial" and these are two separate things.

    1. Free Trial

    When enabled on "Pro Sites" -> "Settings" page it will give the user X days of free access to the level chosen by the user. So basically, assuming you're offering a "Level A" and a "Level B" (both payed), user selects the level and is able to use this selected level for X days for free.

    2. Free level

    This is now a built-in level that will give user a very basic site that would not include any premium themes/plugins regardless of what level are these themes/plugins assigned to. So, it's not a trial and it cannot be "tied" to any existing level. That said, you don't need to create any "Free level" manually anymore as well.

    A quick comparison just to sum it all up:

    "Free Trial" is a full-featured plan (that user selected) available for free for defined number of days.

    "Free" level is a built in most basic level that automatically excludes everything that's defined as "premium" (assigned to any other level).

    I hope that helps!


  • Dominic Olivier
    • Flash Drive

    Hey Adam, its again me.

    I use gravity form for creating a new subsite on my network. When I use the "new" pro-site version with gravity form, the assigned level to the new site is my (old) level "testaccount". I created that level with the old version and set it to the free level. Can I somehow change that? If I use the pro-site signup form and choose the free level it sets another level to the site than the gravity form signup does. Do you have any idea why?
    Would you be so kind as to explain me exactly the logic behind pro-site, how it sets the free level? Thanks again

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey Dominic!

    I suppose the issue here is more the Gravity Forms related issue rather than Pro Sites, although it's obviously a result of the change in "Pro Sites logic". However, I'm not feeling able to give you a solution here right out of the box because I'd need to examine your setup first.

    If you wish me to take a closer look, would you please grant me a support access to your dashboard? To do this, follow this guide:

    As for the "Free level". The idea of Multisite WP is to allow users to run their own sites inside your network. You, as a super-admin, may install some plugins and themes that would be available to the users.

    With Pro Sites you setup some payed levels (it's up to you if you enable "Free Trial" for these levels) and make users pay certain amount of money for e.g:

    - setting up the site
    - using some additional themes
    - using some additional plugins

    Once these payed levels are configured you end up also with some themes and plugins that are "not premium". The default free level will only let users use these "not premium" themes, plugins and for example lower upload quota.

    Here's an example. Let's say that you have installed and network activated:

    - Theme A
    - Theme B
    - Theme C
    - Plugin A
    - Plugin B
    - Plugin C

    and then created a payed level called "Supersite". Next, you've configured Theme A and Theme B available for "Supersite" level and Plugin A as available for "Supersite" level.

    Users who signup for "Supersite" and pay will be able to use all the themes and plugins. Users that select a default (automatically created) "Free level" will only be able to use Theme C, Plugin B and Plugin C.

    I hope that makes things more clear :slight_smile:


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