Debit at a later day, ring fence the amount now

Us there any way you could allow user to submit his credit card details or paypal information so that you ring fence an amount that you intend to deduct(debit) upon meeting a criteria later (3-4 weeks later?)

is this possible?

  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hey Kathik,

    Hope you have a great day and welcome to the WPMU Dev community.

    Can you please try giving us a little bit more insights about your idea?
    For example what is going to be the criteria?

    If you could explain your idea a little bit more detailed we will be able to come up with more complete solution for you case.

    There is a lot Pay-Pal ready products out there, including quite a few from us. But if you want to be able to take credit cards trough PayPal you nee to check with, as the y don't allow charging credit cards from every account, it kind of depends on the country where you live and the bank you are using.


  • Karthik
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Ok thanks for coming back Ivan. Here is the requirement.

    Through my website I would be promising my clients of a service, for example they read a set of exam preparation materials with a commitment that they would pay my website when they pass the exam. In reality when someone passes the exam, they are most likely not going to come back to you with the payment although they "used" your exam prep materials to pass the exam. So I am trying to build a website that would say "hey! ok, this is the material for the exam, but give me some assurance or collateral (credit card number may be) which I will use to deduct the service charges if you pass the exam" (How the website gets to know if the person gave the exam or passed etc is a different story) - assumption is that the website will find out that the person passed the exam as a result of the study materials provided by the site - at this point a service fee agreed upfront with the customer will be deducted.

    Did you get me now?

  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hey Karthik,

    Thanks for the response. It was very detailed and I completely understand you.

    The only ready solutions I can think of are debit related. And it seems to me that will not fit you the way you want.

    PyaPal offer something might suit you -
    But with very high interest, and please note that that page might give 404 error, because they have country restrictions.

    I am afraid you will need to make a research which payment getaway you can use in your location, and based on this you will need some custom add-on.

    So in short - No, there is no ready plugin/solution for WordPress with this functionality. You will need custom developed plugin or add-on.
    You can check our job board for this.

    Hope this helps,

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