Deciding between bbPress and QA


I've got QA installed here (

But I saw this forum - it's so beautifully laid out. How should I choose between bbPress and QA?

What are your thoughts on the new bbPress release? Do WPMUDEV themes work with the new bbPress?

Mark Winstein

  • Mark Winstein
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Nice to see - I'm not to keen on paying $49/mo yet. You said WPMU is mostly on bbPress -- so why the advice to look to Vanilla? Can you give me more concrete reasons -- maybe I should pay the $49 if it will allow me to focus on marketing instead of coding...

    What I'm wanting is a site like WPMUDEV for my own business niche... and I'm happy to keep being a member here and assemble my site from parts available here if they'll serve nicely....

  • Barry
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    BBPress, which this forum is - doesn't really exist anymore - it has been made into a plugin that is (I believe) currently in beta form.

    Vanilla is a stable standalone forum (which bbpress was) that integrates with WP for users and permissions now.

    Q and A is a plugin that works within a WordPress site.

    So it all depends on what the site you are building is / or is going to be. If it's a WP site first, then maybe BBPress plugin or Q and A would be more suitable. If it's a forum first (which this is) then the current (probably last) version of BBPress would be better to use, but as that's not likely to be maintained beyond this version Vanilla is a mainatained / supported option that's also free.

  • Saunt Valerian
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    The proxyconnect plugin has issues. I ran Vanilla on a WP site for about 6 months, but there were cookie issues with logout (sometimes had to logout twice in order to get it to stick). I eventually set it up where the only login needed was on the embedded Vanilla forum and had no login for readers comments on the blog section (though for a while I was running disqus for comments). So, the only place visitors had to login was the forum. Doing it this way meant that I didn't have to run proxyconnect, but I could run the embed with no login issues for the forum.

    Vanilla forums qualify as VERY good IMO. I would go so far as to say they are some of the best forums available, and the plugin system is quite a useful way for you to add features. I found that it integrates well with WordPress, but not flawlessly.

    Support is good, they guys there are committed to the project, the plugin selection is good, the customization and theming is simple. Overall, a very good, very solid, and very modern, open-source forum project.

  • jordanskole
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    I have been trying to rally up all my options as far as forums go to. I was just able to get vanilla forums up and using ProxyConnect in a short short time (2 hours?). I had some problems at first (using Vanilla 2.17.9) but they have a 2.18 beta available that made the process as seamless as any integration I have ever set up. documentation is lacking IMO so I'll give you a hint, once you download the newest "ProxyConnect" plugin, there is a WP plugin in the "extend" folder inside the archive, you just need to activate this using normal WP procedure.

    check out this link

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