decision on workflow installing Multi-DB

From what I have gathered, BackupBuddy does not yet support Multi-DB; although this may be in process - awaiting some news re this.

Since I wish to use BackupBuddy as my principal backup solution, but I note that in the past Barry has advised installing Multi-DB *before* installing plugins -

- my question is what is the best development workflow? How can I best backup the multiple databases with Multi-DB installed? Or is it better/possible to use BackupBuddy, not install Multi-DB for the time being and add Multi-DB later (by which time, perhaps, BackupBuddy may be Multi-DB compatible)?

Like most of us, I'm hoping that the network I'm developing may prove very popular - therefore is there any reason not to install 4096 databases immediately? (I'm on bluehost)

And, is there any reason not to try to integrate WP-Networks or Networks+ into this setup? Anyone know whether they are compatible with Multi-DB and/or BackupBuddy?