Dedicated IP and Domain Mapping Plugin

Hello, I am slightly confused over this plugin; just want to make sure of a couple of things:

1. Dedicated IP. I have a dedicated ip address, but it does host sites other than wordpress sites. I have set up multiuser for, and it's working great. But I'd like to map to content for instance.

1a. I am waiting on my host to add to the DNS zone so I can have the A record point to

2. For this plugin to work, does it need to be on a dedicated IP address WITHOUT other standard PHP websites on it, or can it run at my main address?

Thank you,


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @johnlenz,

    Welcome to the forum.

    The dedicated IP must resolve to the the documentRoot of your multisite, to see if it does, then simply enter the IP address into your browser. If you see your multisite, then it works fine, if you don't see your multisite, then domain mapping will not work.

    Your multisite must have the dedicated IP, not your server.

    When I try your IP address i'm am pointed at a default server web page, this means that your IP address does not have it's documentRoot set as your multisite, so you will have trouble using domain mapping with A records.

    You could actually Park your domains on the server though and then point them at your multisites documentRoot (the folder containing wp-config.php)

    Hope this helps

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