Dedicated question regards m2Pro to Tyler Postle

Hello Tyler,

am sure, you still remember you finally got m2Pro for us setup and running… and it worked.

Now, since early October incident m2Pro doesn’t work anymore at all. I can assure we never changed anything (why shouldn’t we, as it worked properly).

However, unfortunately we had to request support once again. Now, We know, Sajid is an expert too but why does he find out that the registration page would be wrong?

For your convenience below Sajids reply yesterday::

Reply by: Sajid

Hi @Prinz

I am sorry about the delay on this ticket. Its not the registration page that is protected may be a parent page or something else. I am being taken to protected page when I try to register an account on guest membership registration page , as seen in screenshot. After clicking on next blue button on this page to join, sigup membership page still brings me on exact page so its a loop.

The pages in your screenshot one are BuddyPress registration pages. These pages (registration) must be different then those you selected for membership 2 signup to avoid conflicts.

I have sent offline message to Jose to get more information about this issue to handle it. I will post back here once I heard from him.

Frankly, we are confused. WHY is the pages set in BuddyPress registration wrong? The current settings were done from you and it worked!

Also, by this ocassion: WHAT’s might be the reason to involve Jose once more?

We are most concerned about this case which your expert team couldn’t solve this m2pro issue by now… (since for weeks we stuck entirely). We are wondering, how much longer will it take until m2Pro problem is solved?

PLEASE Tyler, help to get this sorted out.

Looking forward hearing from you shortly.

Kind regards