Dedicated Wordpress Hosting Error

Hello there,

I recently changed my hosting plan on godaddy to a Wordpress Dedicated SSD server, I have two wordpress installations, one in and another in a subdomain called

Godaddy offers a tool to migrate the website automatically from their website, I could do it easily with NativePortuguese, but when it came to courses.nativeportuguese (where I have the CoursePress Pro installed) it didn't work, all of the files would be copied but when loading the page I would have just a blank screen, Godaddy support tried to solve this during 4 days with no luck.

my question is, does WPMU CoursePress PRO change any file inside these folders?

* the wordpress dedicated server of godaddy block these folders for security purposes, so if coursepress is trying to get access to any of these folders to change some file it won't be able to)

Since I noticed that even the Theme folder of CoursePress is not located inside the default theme folder of wordpress (instead is located inside de Plugin folder) I got curious to know what others details CoursepressPro has, some of these little details will make me decide If I can migrate my website or not to the Dedicated Wordpress hosting plan of Godaddy.

If needed I can send my FTP credentials so you can take a look on what's going on!

thanks for your help !