Default Featured Image Plugin

I have been unable to find a plugin that automatically attaches a default image to a post if the user does not select one. I was able to find some code to stick in my functions.php to do this, however I’d like to see an extension to this functionality.

Specifically, I’d like to allow each user to specify their own default for featured images.

I created a web site for a radio station that has dozens of daily posts from the news department, sports department, on-air talent, etc… At the moment if a poster does not specify a featured image, the station logo is used. However, the station would like it to be different depending on who posts. The on-air talent want’s their own photos or a banner image for their radio show. The sports department would like a Sports version of the station logo. The news department would like a news version, etc…

The best way I can think of doing this is to allow each individual user to specify what image they want to be the default when editing their own user profile.