Default Home Page versus setting a Static Page


Can someone please explain to me how and where the default home page for the Spirit theme resides my 'Pages'. Typically, when I build Wordpress sites I set my own static page for my home page and edit that page. But, in the Spirit theme, there is a default home page that I can't find in my pages. It has me a bit confused about how everything ties together. For example:
1) Is the default home page a blog page?
2) If I set a static page as my home page can I still use the default, Spirit home page?

Also, as I have been working with the default Spirit home page, when I check some of the other pages and posts (blog pages, courses pages, etc.), the header that I created does not carry over to the other pages, and I'm unclear as to how modify other pages from the drag and drop system.

Any help that you can provide would be amazing!

The website that I am working on is

Also, I deleted the default Global Header and attempted to make a new Header called 'Navigation 2'. Not sure if this is impacting why my header is not showing on other pages.


- Samori Coles