Default subdomain URL is incorrect. How do I change it?

Recently, I paid a freelancer to help convert my standard wordpress blog to wordpress mu. There were a lot of problems with the conversion, which I’ve been fixing for the last week or so.

I came across one that seems like it should be easy for people familiar with MU, but my search efforts aren’t turning up results.

The url for the blog is and was We want to keep that the url for the home page and all the permalinks for my old blog posts should stay the same, e.g.…

So, all is good except that when a new blog is created the url is * I don’t want the www where it appears in URL of the newly created blog. Here is an example of the problem and examples of what I think a successful result would look like with "test" as the new blog name:



Obviously, I appreciate any thoughts or help you might have.