Default text string appearing in SOME Autoblog generated posts

In testing various configurations for feeds in Autoblog, I’ve come across some behavior I cannot track down. I have 2 feeds that are set up with identical settings (except from different sites .. but both just rss2 feeds). When posts are created from one of the feeds, every post has this line at the bottom (I’ve edited out the actual links below):

The post <linked post name> appeared first on <linked source site>.

Where/how is this generated .. I create my own link to source with my own text and don’t want this apparent default text to show at all. On the other feed, it doesn’t show up.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I haven’t been able to track down the text string in the plugin code so wondering is something on the source sites is causing it?



  • Barry
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Do you have the URL for the feed in question? Or can you look at the source of the feed. It is probably added to the content of the RSS feed by the site that generates the feed to ensure they are attributed when their posts are imported into other sites.

  • jimesten
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    How would a site do this? One of the networks I’m seeing this on is our own so we’d like to figure out how to turn it off!

    I have 2 sites on the same multisite .. source and then a post generated with autoblong on

    On the site in the original post here, I don’t have a problem with that showing, but for the case where our own content is the source, I can’t see what we would set to cause this since we have another network where we control the source — set up the same way as far as I can tell — and the message doesn’t show.



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