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Are there any known issues with Defender and managewp? I'm trying to add a site to managewp that has defender instaleld and i'm getting this error:

Problems while adding website.
We have detected an additional login authentication layer on your website and we can't install the Worker plugin automatically. Please install the Worker plugin, activate it manually and try add the website again.

  • TGL
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Starting to have some random disconnects on a handful of sites, I couldn't reconnect in the ManageWP dashboard on 3 sites:

    Site A: tried a reconnect in the dashboard, connect failed, disabled Defender, was able to reconnect, activated Defender tried a sync and the sync worked fine with Defender activated

    Site B: tried a reconnect in the dashboard 10 times in a row, connect failed each time, disabled Defender, was able to reconnect on the next attempt, activated Defender tried a sync and the sync worked fine with Defender activated

    Site C: tried a reconnect in the dashboard, and it connected (after previously failing) without touching Defender

    I was hopeful after the first two sites that I was narrowing the issue, but then site C randomly worked.

    Chamosan what host are you using (the host I am having the issues on is SiteGround)

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Chamosan and TGL,

    Can you check your error logs and see if you have something like this in there:
    "Access denied for the file somename.php"
    If you do can you grab that file name and go to Defender > Security Tweaks and add your file there as an exception for this rule.

    If that doesn't help could you please start a new chat session here so we can investigate this further?

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi guys,

    Let me just add my two cents here to sum it up :slight_smile:

    There were two major issues mentioned in this thread: one was that ManageWP worker couldn't be automatically installed and the other one was getting "random disconnects".

    As for the first one.

    In fact, not only Defender but some other security tools might also cause it. Initial automatic installation - so installation of ManageWP worker plugin - requires remote platform to connect to your site and actually login to it like it was a real user logging in. Therefore, if there's anything that requires additional actions, it may (and most likely will) interfere. That's the case with e.g. Defender with Two Factor Auth enabled. It's not because there's some issue/bug in Defender but because ManageWP platform does not have access to and cannot use auth code that you can get from Google auth app.

    The solution here is to either temporarily disable 2 factor auth in the plugin - or even entire plugin as well as other security tools on site, if they interfere - then install worker and then possibly reactivate those disabled features. Or to install the worker plugin manually by downloading it (it's freely available) and adding via "Plugins -> Add new -> Upload" in site's back-end.

    As for the second issue, that is - random disconnects.
    Apart from other aspects to check mentioned in previous posts (like e.g. security tweaks and/or IP whitelisting) there's one more important setting that's related. There's a "Manage Login Duration" security tweak in "Defender ->Security Tweaks" section.

    It is a setting that changed the auth cookie expiration time for logged in users that checked "remember me" box upon login. I'm not sure why but it looks like this is affecting ManageWP worker so it might be good to set it to some bigger value to decrease the disconnection rate.

    Best regards,

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