[Defender] AntiSpam/AntiSplog

Will Antispam and Antisplog capabilities be rolled up into Defender? Doesn't make sense to have those as separate plugins, specifically Anti-Splog with is already a WPMU plugin.

  • James Morris
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    Hello jetmac

    I hope you are well today.

    I’ve checked our internal tracker and I’m not seeing any mention of adding this functionality at this time. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not on the table. I have pinged the Lead Dev on the Defender project and notified him of this feature request. Also, you can always keep track of what’s coming soon on our Roadmap page. https://premium.wpmudev.org/roadmap/#wpmud-roadmap-product-defender

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    James Morris

  • jetmac
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    James Morris ,

    It just seems like if you’re going to make a defense style plugin, that spam/splog would be a part of that.

    AntiSpam has a lot of plugins already available, and I can see maybe passing on that function in lieu of existing solutions. But, AntiSplog is a longstanding plugin from WPMU and it does its job. I think it would be a good idea to close down the individual plugin and consolidate that function into your main “Defense” plugin. Maybe as a premium module?

    There are a lot old one-off plugins in the WPMU catalog that have long been absorbed into more modern plugins. Ultimate Branding is a prime example of this, as it’s modules have long taken over for one-offs like Login-Redirect, HTML Email Templates, Login Message, Footer Content, Admin Panel Tips, Logout Redirect, Dashboard Widget Order, and Dashboard Feeds.

    Maybe Defender could start doing the same (perhaps with Password Protect, User Activity, Anti-Splog, MultiSite Privacy, Moderation, Lockposts, and Signup Code)?

    This would be a great way for WPMU to clean out the old stuff and add value to the “premium” level of the Defender plugin.

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