[Defender] auto post via XML-RPC VS Defender and ifttt.com

I want to use a recipe to automate publication of blog post through ifttt.com.
But I can't make it work,... after some research I saw that ifttt.com use XML-RPC to post, but defender suggest to disable this protocole.

So do you have any advice about that and What can I do to use this kind of service ( ifttt.com or Zapier)


  • Huberson

    Hello Julien Ferla
    XML-RPC is not strictly discouraged but rather recommended to be disabled if there's no use for it on your WordPress site.
    A couple useful plugins/services like Jetpack relies on XML-RPC to work properly. So in cases you need to use those services you will need to leave that feature enabled.

    The security issue with XML-RPC is mostly in the way it sends your credentials(username and password) which can open door to unwanted login attempt(Brute force attacks, DDoS).

    Using a plugin like Akismet and Defender Lockout feature to ban too many login attempts should provide some help lock against those kind of attempts.

    If you prefer using another approach, you can give a try to Zapier Webhooks with WordPress see if that works for what you want to achieve.


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