[Defender] Broken Link Checker + Defender = 403 Forbidden Error for BLC

Reminder: This is a live site, so I am not able to do a ton of changes during the day. However, I am able to make changes in the middle of the night when traffic is low.

I believe Defender is blocking my plugin (Broken Link Checker) from being able to access the site. I did not have this issue until I set up Defender for IP Lockouts. The site has a ton of crawlers on it daily so I do not want to disable the IP Lockouts but need my checker to actually check for broken links. I am unsure how to allow it/whitelist it with Defender to get this squared away.

As an effect, Broken Link Checker is giving me tons of 403 errors and saying the links are broken on the site when they are simply not available to the plugin. Due to the amount of links in general, it is creating an overwhelming list of not-broken things I have to sift through to find actual links that may be broken. Just a big hassle, really, and not much more.

I have done all that I can do in the general troubleshooting side of things. I am here now to find out how to allow or whitelist the plugins with each other so they can play nice.