[Defender] Can’t export CSV logs

When I try to export Defender’s IP Blocking logs to CSV, I’m getting transferred to another page with an error message: 404 Not found.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Laurent

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for reaching out to us!

    I checked the site and I noticed that you already had the Defender plugin updated to 2.2.0 release. This release has been withdrawn very soon after being released because it turned out that it, unexpectedly, was causing some issues on some of the site.

    The CSV export issue wasn’t among those reported but the way this feature behaved suggested it is related anyway so I downgraded the plugin to current 2.1.4 release and that solved the issue.

    Unfortunately, it also turned out that there’s been another side-effect (which shouldn’t happen – it would be another issue caused by the same reason) resulting in settings and data being removed even though the options to keep settings and data were enabled. I apologize for that! I worked on the staging site though so it wouldn’t affect the production site.

    To sum it up:

    1) the solution to this would be – for now, until fixed 2.2.x version is released – to rollback to current 2.1.4 release

    2) in order to not loose settings and data, please do it like this on a live site:

    – go to “Defender Pro -> settings -> data & settings” page
    – make sure that in “Uninstallation” option “Settings” option is set to “Preserve” and “Data” to “Keep”
    – disable plugin but don’t delete it

    – access site via SFTP and physically delete the “wp-defender” folder from /wp-content/plugins folder

    – install and activate Defender again using WPMU DEV Dashboard (WPMU DEV -> Plugins page in Network Admin)

    This should safely rollback the plugin and preserve data but please also make sure that you got up-to-date backup, just in case.

    As for the staging site, it would be best to either restore backup and then roll back the plugin the way described above (if you do have backup) or create new staging out of production site or simply configure Defender again there.

    Kind regards,

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