Defender causing a 200GB error log

Hi WPMU Support,

On Friday afternoon we found ourselves unable to to log into any of our websites. We contacted our hosting support and they discovered the problem was WP defender on *** had generated a ~200GB error log file.

The issue only occured on the production side, not staging if that helps you figure out what is going on.

We’ve deactivated Defender on the site and even though I’m not holding my breath for answers any info on what might have caused this could be really useful.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi gjchandler,

    Thanks for all the information provided in the chat, we have forwarded this to our developers to investigate it further.

    It’s really strange that something like this would happen, I have Defender active on multiple sites since the initial release and have never experienced any large log files, hopefully our devs will be able to shed some more light on this soon.

    Baldafrican we have further information in chat that we can’t share publicly but thanks for jumping in here nevertheless :slight_smile:

    Best regards,


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi gjchandler,

    I had a chat with the devs about this and by the looks of the logs that FlyWheel support has provided this issue is not related to Defender but rather to P3 Profiler plugin.

    Thing is that Defender doesn’t have any update options command as shown in that log.

    If you check the log and take a part of it, like this for example:


    It actually suggests this is created by the P3 Profiles, because if you check their shutdown_handler function in wp-content/plugins/p3-profiler/classes/class.p3-profiler.php

    file, it uses this:

    $this->_profile['runtime'] = array(
    'total' => $runtime,
    'wordpress' => $this->_core,
    'theme' => $this->_theme,
    'plugins' => $this->_plugin_runtime,
    'profile' => $this->_runtime,
    'breakdown' => $plugin_totals,

    If you comare that to the stuff from the log it suggests it’s created by that function.

    Is it possible for you to set up a staging site so we could investigate this further on there and see why and if P3 Profiler is doing this because it’s running beside Defender on your site?

    Best regards,


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