[Defender] Check wordpress resources use

Hi guys, i have a vps with many wordpress installations on it. Recently the load speed on each site has been affected a lot. I want to know if you have a plugin to check if wordpress security is compromised or maybe a method to check how wordpress is using memory

  • Huberson

    Hello Rolando
    We don't actually have a plugin that monitors how memory is used. You could use Query Monitor plugin to help track if any tool/plugin on the sites is responsible for the low speed.

    If the memory issue is due to some server side process you might not be able to get an accurate result from plugins, instead you can check with a command line tool such as top or htop.

    Regarding WordPress security, if you have regular file scanning enabled on the site Defender will scan for the sites for any suspicious code and alert you about it. It also logs detailed activities under 'Audit Logging', monitor those events will help you track suspicious activities like attempting login and settings change.

    Do let us know if more information needed on this.


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