Defender clashes with TM Photo Gallery Plugin - Fatal Error

There is plugin conflict with Defender and TM Photo Gallery:

When one of the plugins is activated then second plugins can't be because it's throwing fatal error:

Fatal error: Cannot declare class GUMP, because the name is already in use in wp-content/plugins/wp-defender/vendor/hammer/vendor/wixel/gump/gump.class.php on line 13

This was confirmed during chat session by staff.

  • Ivan

    Hi Mika !

    It happens because our plugin and TM Photo Gallery uses the same library. And both of us don't use if (!class_exists('GUMP')) checking before declare this class.
    You can use this patch for resolving this issue in Defender plugin - Please, replace {wprdpress_folder}/wp-content/plugins/_def/vendor/hammer/vendor/wixel/gump/gump.class.php file to attached file via FTP.
    But it doesn't guarantee that this error won't happen again because TM Photo Gallery should add the same checking. Please, contact to their support for that.

    Btw we already do this checking in Defender Pro plugin.

    Best regards,

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