[Defender] Conflict with WP-CRM

I am having a plugin conflict issue between WP-CRM (the publisher is Usability Dynamics) and all of the WPMUDEV plugins.

I deactivated Branda becAuse of this conflict...but I am still using defender.

I am using WP-CRM because it allows me to sort users and produce reports based on their wordpress metadata...which is where the information for WP-CRM is kept...it also allows me to use GET forms to prepopulate this data into a usable form that I can place on one my member’s landing page to allow for easy update.

I really like Branda and the WPMUDev plugins.

Can you take a look at my admin dashboard and see how I am using WP-CRM and perhaps suggest a solution that I can replace it with?

I am probably a week away from just uninstalling it...if I can figure out how to sort users by certain data points similar to WP-CRM.

Alternatively: is it possible to identify the exact conflict so I can figure out how to fix it?