[Defender] Conflict with WP-CRM


I am having a plugin conflict issue between WP-CRM (the publisher is Usability Dynamics) and all of the WPMUDEV plugins.

I deactivated Branda becAuse of this conflict…but I am still using defender.

I am using WP-CRM because it allows me to sort users and produce reports based on their wordpress metadata…which is where the information for WP-CRM is kept…it also allows me to use GET forms to prepopulate this data into a usable form that I can place on one my member’s landing page to allow for easy update.

I really like Branda and the WPMUDev plugins.

Can you take a look at my admin dashboard and see how I am using WP-CRM and perhaps suggest a solution that I can replace it with?

I am probably a week away from just uninstalling it…if I can figure out how to sort users by certain data points similar to WP-CRM.

Alternatively: is it possible to identify the exact conflict so I can figure out how to fix it?

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Dan,

    I can see the same issue on my installation with WP CRM plugin but I’m afraid that debugging third-party plugin code is not something that we can do.

    It seems that they are calling their functionality in the entire WP admin which shouldn’t be the case and they should only load it where the plugin is needed.

    This is something that should be checked from their end and exclude the code from other plugin panels.

    We haven’t tested our plugins for any specific CRM solutions so we can’t really give a proper suggestion for which one to use but perhaps one of these would work for you:


    Best regards,


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