[Defender] Country Blocking

I think it would be useful to have Country Blocking available in defender.



  • Steve - Just Think BiG
    • Thinking Bigger

    Hi Tony G,

    I do understand your point of view. However, in this case, that’s based on your experience and the fact that you’re already using the respective plugin.

    Many people that discover Defender – and don’t have experience of the IP Geo Block plugin – might reasonably expect that, given what Defender does, Country Blocking would be a natural fit. They may even share my opinion that the fit is so natural, it ought to be an integral part of Defender.

    Competitors to Defender – such as Wordfence – include it, I suspect, because it’s a natural fit with the rest of the functionality of the plugin (i.e. blocking individual IP address – as Defender does).

    I agree that it isn’t always necessary to re-invent the wheel and managing development resources is important.

    I also believe that in cases where the natural fit of a feature is so obvious (as with Defender and Country Blocking), it doesn’t make sense to leave it out. Especially, when you consider the fact that other people may be looking for a complete solution delivered in one plugin, rather than having to use multiple plugins to cover all of the bases you’d expect one plugin – in this case a security plugin – to cover.

    Personally, I support WPMUDEV’s instinct to do this.



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