[Defender] Defender and Divi

Hey guys,

I am singling out Defender here purely cause he is reporting the error. The actual fault may lie …well … anywhere.

I keep getting an error from Defender stating a vulnerability in Divi


#ElegantThemes – Privilege Escalation

-Vulnerability type: PRIVESC

-This bug has been fixed in version: 2.6.4

#ElegantThemes (divi, extra, divi-builder) – Authenticated Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

-Vulnerability type: XSS

-This bug has been fixed in version: 3.17.3


When I click "Update" it takes me to the themes page. Am I supposed to update the Divi theme here? If so, it is already running on the latest version. So how do I proceed?

This is happening on more than just this one site so if you could please let me know what it requires to correct it, I can do so on all the other sites.