[Defender] Defender Feature: Force HTTPS (and other iThemes Feature 'inspirations')

Hi guys,
We're giving iThemes Security Pro the flick and making the jump to Defender!
One nifty feature of note in iThemes Security Pro which I really liked, that seems to be lacking from Defender, is the option of forcing HTTPS for both the front and back end of the website (this also seemed to do automatic https rewrite and fix many pesky broken padlock issues).

I understand that there are other plugins that do this, but I always thought it was great that iThemes Security had it right out of the box. So.. I figured Defender might be interested in doing it too!

*Bonus Feature Request:* Lockout Limit before perma-ban.
Like Defender, iThemes Security allows you to set a lockout threshold for too many invalid login attempts - after which you can set a lockout time that you're prevented from logging back in.

However, unlike Defender, iTS also has the option of setting a limit of how many times an IP Address can be temporarily locked out before its blocked for good. Meanwhile, Defender is limited to one or the other (temporary lockout or permanent ban).

Having the ability to not perm-ban ditsy staff the first time they lock themselves out is useful. Having the ability to permanently blacklist repeat offenders (read: bots and b@$tards) without accidently blacklisting aforementioned ditsy staff is even better :slight_smile: