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I’ve just had my theme updated after all the Pipdig fiasco (I’m sure you’ve heard all about it). After spending an age on getting it just right, I go for a shower & come back to find my IP address has been banned!!!! I cannot log onto my website at all!! What do I do?! I didn’t even log out of my site.

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  • Dimitris
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    Hello there Denise,

    hope you're doing well and I'm sorry for the frustration here.

    I really don't know what was the issue with the theme that you were dealing with, but as it goes for Defender, it should have been whitelisting your current IP anyway, as long as you were using an admin user.
    In order to get this back though, you should either:

    - deactivate Defender via FTP
    Simply connect to your server files via (S)FTP and rename the /wp-content/plugins/wp-defender/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/_wp-defender/. Then you should be able to login to your site. Simply go to Plugins in /wp-admin area, so you'll get a message that Defender was auto-deactivated. Then go back to FTP, reverse the folder rename, go to Plugins again in the WP site and re-activate it.

    - whitelist your IP
    In order to do so, you should create a new MU pluing file like:
    (just create the /mu-plugins/ folder if it doesn't exist already)
    and insert the exact snippet in there:

    add_filter( 'ip_lockout_default_whitelist_ip', function ( $ips ) {
        $ip    = 'YOUR IP HERE';
        $ips[] = $ip;
        return $ips;
    } );

    You can find your public IP address by simply searching in Google for "what's my IP".

    Let me know how that goes!
    Warm regards,

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