[Defender] Defender not locking out failed login attempts

We have a large multisite set up on our development environment, and activated Defender Pro for the network. The only thing we have activated and attempted to test at the moment is the "Login Protection" feature.
It tells us "Login protection is enabled. There are no lockouts logged yet."
We currently have it set up to have a Lockout Threshold of 3 failed logins within 200 seconds. We changed it from the default settings after those did not work.
We have a Lockout Time of 1800 seconds, and the default Lockout Message.
We even have Automatically banned usernames: admin, dev, administrator
None of these automatically banned usernames appear to be banned, and when testing usernames that have not been banned (by typing in their incorrect passwords), no lockout ever occurs. We have tested on multiple subsites, and we have tested with multiple users with multiple roles.
Are we missing a setting in order to make login protection for Defender Pro work?
Thank you.