DEFENDER: Display last login on top of the login screen after logged in

Hi Devs

Sucuri has a nice feature which is missing in Defender

It would be great if that would be available to for defender as the green color signals a successful login and a red warning banner could show failed login trails

With one view you see the IP address from where it has been logged in

It would be good actually if also the current own IP address would get displayed after login as that way the IP gets better into your brain without searching for it via whatismyip. This would help to remember the IP - or at least the first 2 parts to see if it was yours, if it came from the same provider and if it is secure etc.

As defender is teh security plugin for WPMUDEV that feature should be included in Defender.

Have a look at the sucuri plugin its GPL v.2 and reuse the code, it should not be difficult to get that done more or less in no time for the next update.

Kind regards