Defender does change the database prefix without moving the options

After changing the database prefix with defender, all user roles are not assigned anymore. Background is that the Defender should change the corresponding options in the *_usermeta table as well to the new prefix. so before it was wp_capabilities and afterwards it should be xyc_capabilities.

  • James Morris
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    Hello uli,

    I hope you are well today.

    I tested this out after reading your report. I created a fresh install of WordPress with only WPMU DEV Dashboard and Defender installed. I used all default options for the WordPress install, including the wp_ table prefix.

    I then only ran the Security Tweaks module in Defender, including rename table prefix. I then opened up phpMyAdmin and did a full query on the database for wp_ and _capabilities. I also checked the _usermeta table. In all cases, everything that should be updated with the new prefix was.

    So, I'm afraid I'm unable to reproduce this on my end on a fresh install.

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