Defender Fatal Error

I submitted "what I thought was a" tech support question. I can find the post in the forum and it shows there are two responses but when I click on it, it brings me to another page of the forum, with pages and pages of other requests. I have grated support access on my site but no-one has logged in yet. I'm trying this again here.

WP-Defender is currently moved to another directory because when enabled it breaks the site and gives the following error. (I've used the dev dashboard plugin above only to send my request, it is not causing any issues)

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WD_Utils::is_plugin_network_activated() in /home/juliedul/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-defender/app/class-wd-option-model.php on line 10

Let me know if you need me to enable the plugin again in order for you to troubleshoot.

Please advise. Thanks