[Defender] Feature Request: Audit Logging – save data for 14 or 28 days


I like Audit Logging feature of your Defender plugin. But why loggs are stored only for 7 days?

I need to change it to 14 days, 28 days or something else.

Please add this feature to Defender plugin.



  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Jiri

    I got an update for you :slight_smile: It turns out that Audit Logging already stores data for an entire year – the year back from the current date. That data is actually available for you to see on “Defender Pro -> Audit Logging -> Event Logs” page, though it’s a bit hidden. I somehow missed that, I’m sorry.

    To see data other than for last seven days you just need to click on “Filter” button there and you’ll get the date range selection where you can select: “Today”, “7 days”, “30 days” or just any date range (though data will be available only for up to one year to the past).

    The date range selection will be exposed better in future as it’s indeed hard to find. I’ve talked to our designers and a lead developer of the plugin and they’ll work on making it better. I can’t give you an ETA but it’s settled so with one of the future updates there should come a nice change to it.

    Best regards,


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