Defender has stopped working in my website

Within the last two weeks, the Defender plugin is continually going down and back online over 30 times daily! I've changed nothing on my end. How can this issue be resolved?

    • T. Webb

      Hello Ash,

      You are correct! The Uptime is being affected. My hosting company tells me that there's nothing wrong on their end. WPMUDEV tells me the same thing that there's nothing wrong on this end also. These issues all started due to my Enfold theme not being able to be correctly update which I believe has something to do with the Wordpress Gutenberg update. Other than disconnecting the Defender Pro plugin, I have run out of options. Do you have any other suggestions?

  • Nithin

    Hi T. Webb,

    That's an odd behaviour. For the info, Uptime is part of the Hummingbird, and not Defender, located under Hummingbird > Uptime in the plugin side.

    I checked your site, and I don't see much of an issue which we could pin point. The header response of the site are correct, and the site seems to load within 3 seconds in general, which looks good. There could be many factors for see such notifications, like it could easily have been something outside your control, like regional routing issue, CDN PoP, etc.

    Do you notice any specific errors in the WPMU DEV Hub page, during the time you receive the site down notifications?

    I'm checking with the developer to see whether there is anything specific that could be checked regarding this, and will keep you posted once I get further feedback regarding this. If you find this frequent, you can also disable email notifications for Uptime via WPMU DEV Hub too.


  • Nithin

    Hi T. Webb,

    I do understand you, I meant if the emails notifications were causing any inconvenience, you could temporarily disable the notifications. :slight_smile:

    As mentioned, I checked with the developer regarding the issue, and we were able to notice 403 errors, which commonly happens if the server is blocking any specific requests.

    Could you please check with your hosting provider, and ask them to whitelist our User Agent:
    WPMUDEV Uptime Monitor 4.0 (”

    And check whether it brings improvement regarding Uptime listing out the site as up, and down. I hope this helps. Have a nice weekend ahead. :slight_smile:


    • T. Webb

      Good Day, Nithin,

      Though I've checked here daily, your message has just now appeared, , and my IP (according to my browser signin is "NOW" blocked even thought I can't see from any of my Defender messages that this specific IP had been blocked any time recently.) now is blocked.
      Is there an email address that I can utilize to send you the copy of the dialogue transcript which I had with the Hosting Associate from Namecheap back on 11-16-18 and 11-20-18?

      My Hosting company tells me that they CANNOT Whitelist any IPs because I'm on a shared hosting plan but that you, having access to the root level, may be able to edit the Firewall rules yourself. (See partial conversation snippit below).

      08:53 Nick Bushev: However, users on VPS and Dedicated servers can add the IP whitelisting rules as they have the root access level.
      08:54 TRUDYE WEBB: Okay. So you're saying that they may be able to whitelist the IP address themselves?
      08:55 Nick Bushev: Yes, that's because they have the root access level and can edit the Firewall rules themselves. However, we do not add the IP whitelisting rules on shared servers for the security purposes.


  • Nithin

    Hi T. Webb,

    I'm not sure what exact is meant by your hosting provider, but what we provide is a service, and Uptime service was getting blocked in your server side, so whitelisting IP from our side won't help in any way.

    I guess your host meant, white listing is only possible with VPS, or dedicated servers.

    If you are still looking to share the chat transcript, you could use the following email id:

    - To Mark to my attention, the subject line should contain only: ATTN: Nithin Ramdas

    However, I checked in our system whether your Server IP is blocked in any way, but I don't see any issue with that, and it isn't blocked.

    On testing the site further, it seems like there is an issue with how Hummingbird is caching the site, when a lockout happens. And could notice cached lockout pages loading for random users, and seems like that might be causing the issue with Uptime.

    I have temporarily disabled Hummingbird Cache for now in your system, and would like you to monitor whether the Uptime shows any more downtimes alerts from now.

    I have already reported this to the developers, so that this issue could be corrected in the next plugin update asap.

    Please let us know how Uptime behaves from now on wards, so that we could give a closer look, if needed.


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