Defender .htaccess suggestion In configuring Defender,

Defender .htaccess suggestion

In configuring Defender, I got to the part where it wants to add .htaccess files to unprotected folders. It came back and said it could not write to one of them, perhaps the main one, not sure, and probably because there is already one there and it is kept un-write-able to to protect it. Is there a way the error can then give manual "insert this in that file" instructions and code, so I can take advantage of the security hardening being suggested?

Thanks for great software, I am impressed with Defender, moving to it from Wordfence. Mainly because using ALL WPMU software is very appealing to me to keep plug in conflicts from happening.

  • AIPman1

    yeah, well, I understand changing the permission on the file will let the software then write to the file. What I am saying is that there are many people with custom htaccess files that they would prefer to add code in themselves, and there should be allowance and a way to do that, not ask people to drop security to do this, even if you can do it, then reset the permissions. Some people just LIKE to make those kind of changes manually. It was a suggestion, to just instead of saying "It didn't work" in the message, to say "Your htacces can't be written to, please add THIS to it to enjoy the benefit".

  • Nastia

    Hello @ian42

    The Defender plugin adds the following to .htaccess file of each plugin:

    <Files filename.php|filename2.php|filename3.php>
    Deny from all

    or based on the files you wish to grant access you can use

    <Files filename.php|filename2.php|filename3.php>
    Allow from all

    You can add this code manually, but we strongly advise you to be 100% when you do this.

    At the current time, as you already know, the Defender not showing the code that has been added to the .htacces files. I'm moving this thread to a Feature & Feedback forum to give it more exposure amongst other members of the community. More +1’s a feature request get more likely it would be considered for development.

    Thank you for your suggestion!



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