Defender – Import and export settings or central settings in the HUB

Hey Gang,

Would love to see an import/export settings feature in Defender. For those of us with multiple sites it is a pain to have to go through and set everything up multiple times.

If it’s possible to set that up in the HUB and just click a switch that would add those settings to all sites (or be able to pick which sites) you have defender on that would be even more awesome!


  • Steve
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    This is a great idea, im migrating a bunch of sites from infiniteWP over to the hub. Im in the process of working out what can and cant be done with the hub and its core plugins, this centralised settings would be a game changer for managing security over multiple sites.

  • Jason
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I also think there should be a central place to enter permanently banned ips, maybe the HUB.

    Another possibility would be if a site permanently bans an ip that would then filter through the HUB to all your other sites automatically.

    Not fun having to go to all your sites and enter ips, double check to make sure you got them all etc.

  • Steve
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Yeah deffo, im finding it a time consuming process having to press the same buttons time after time for each wordpress site im migrating over from infinite wp to the hub.

    It would be nice to install a group of plugins (hummingbird/defende etc) with a pre defined bunch of settings at the same time…but this maybe a step too far though but for what im doing at the moment by migrating alot of sites to the hub would save me hours.

  • Steve
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    My thoughts exactly, the moreI use the hub, the more I like it, but the more I feel it needs these sorts of joined up thinking ideas, rather than a bunch of seperate plugins working independantly on each site.

    Maybe then blocked IP’s can be examined over a network of users hub accounts to come up with a blacklist?

  • Mark
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    Just to add to this, as I am in the same situation. I have client sites I manage for them and having some centralised/standardised admin would save a LOT of work when deploying Defender. I did find a thread that has a filter for, what looks like, setting a standard whitelist…

    WP Defender Blocking

    Are there any other such filters that could be used to create a plugin with standard settings to ease things a little (while we wait for some WPMU Dev magic in My Hub)?

    Another thought I had similar to the shared/central admin idea was a centralised IP blacklist, so if an IP gets banned on one of my sites, it will get blacklisted on all.


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello hostpqr6

    There’s Hub 2.0 getting closer and most of such “major improvements” would be gradually added after it’s released, I believe. That’s mostly because the 2.0 version will be a huge change “tech-wise” as it’s going to include an API. This will make it possible not only to add such features relatively easily but also to build additional/custom module/add-ons over time.

    That said, while I realize that request ticket is already going on for quite some time, I think it’s worth waiting a bit more until Hub 2.0 comes out. I don’t have an ETA on this but we’re getting closer to it.

    Best regards,


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