Defender Locked me out

I had a strange thing happen.

Defender locked me out of the admin section for a subsite.
If I try to access the site via the subdomain:, I get a message from Defender saying my IP has been blocked.
If I access I can get through.

What gives?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey taropaa,

    It should only lock you out if you've hit the limit of login attempts, which defaults to 5, or if you try logging in with the "admin" user and have the option to immediately lockout IP's that try to login with a user named "admin".

    Did either of those situations happen? I'd recommend whitelisting your own IP address too, that way none of the rules will apply to you.

    The lockout time is 300 seconds by default, so you should be able to login again now if you haven't already.

    If you have further questions on this or think that something else happened then just let us know :slight_smile:


  • Leni Neto

    Hi @taroppa,

    Just in case you run into this problem again (it happened to me today), I was able to unlock myself by simply disabling the plugin network wide from the linux console.
    If you have bash access and wpcli, you can easily disable the plugin. If not, even thru FTP you can simply move the plugin folder somewhere, then move it back and an re-enable the plugin after you login.

    I had a lockout period much higher than 300s, so waiting is just not an option.

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