Defender logs populating the database

We were about to move over another network. While reviewing the database, found some alarming things regarding Defender which is slowing everything down. They are not only on the main site but in all my sub-blogs too and we are talking sometimes 100,000 of rows of data in various tables. For example, there are lots of these entries in various postmeta tables for the various blogs. Installed WP-Optimize to get the overview of the database and then started seeing these large amounts of rows which made me further investigate. My wp_postmeta table has 144,000 records then various XX_wp_postmeta have thousands to 10's of thousands of records and exploring those shows wp-defender data. Lockouts are supposed to be pooled and not blog specific so that's what's not making sense to me. But that means every request has to run through all these records, which I think is not good and perhaps causes a huge amount of work and overhead. Any help is appreciated.