Defender Message. Should I delete these files?

I have two issues Defender has found:



WORDPRESS CORE Unknown file in WordPress core



WORDPRESS CORE Unknown file in WordPress core

Should these be deleted? I am afraid to do anything about them for fear they actually have a purpose and the issue is not real.

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello there Davyd,

    hope you’re having a beautiful day and thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

    Does this installation come from a long way back? Maybe before WP v.3.4?

    I can spot these two files marked as “Don’t delete yet” since version 3.4 auto-update procedure, although I can spot the reason why… :thinking:

    wp-pass.php which was used for password protected pages has been retired 5 years ago ( in order to be used the wp-login.php instead.

    On the other hand, wp-register.php file had been deprecated and currently the wp-signup.php take place in registration process.

    Having said that, a test on your behalf shouldn’t be a big matter, especially if you have some FTP access to your server. Simply download these two files locally, as backup, and proceed with the deletion of these two files. Check the password protected functionality and the registration process, and revert back the files in case you spot any misbehaviours, although I think that there won’t be any.

    Warm regards,


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