[Defender] Non-default Login Page

Change the login page via Defender > Advanced Tools > Mask Login Area. Assume the new page is simply ‘login’. Now we need to get other pages and menus to go to that same page. This could be a huge manual effort.

The problem could be solved if we set to ‘!!login!!’ and then used Ultimate Branding (UB) with Text Change to reset that token to the actual page name. To rename the page we just go back to that one setting. But UB doesn’t modify markup, only text rendered in the UI.

Another idea would be to add a filter to Defender, which when hooked would override whatever is set in the Defender config. It would be the task of the site owner and other plugin developers to make use of shortcodes, hooks, and other mechanisms that ultimately return the same value.

I’m hoping we can get some suggestions to resolve this issue which is common to all of these utilities that hide the login page.