Defender Not Blocking IPs when set as time-lockout instead of permanent

Has anyone else had any issues with Defender not blocking IPs unless it is set to permanent-ban?

I have always used permanent-ban but recently cleared my logs and lockouts on a site and changed it over to 1300000 seconds lockout time but it doesnt appear to work at all; my log took 8000 entries within a few days; most of which are the same IP.

Switched it back to permanent and it seems to work perfect again and the bot seems to have to change their IP before trying again 10 mins later instead of every couple of seconds getting the same thing from the same IP.

Could be to do with server settings? How does Defender forward on that IP to be logged? Is it done on a plugin level or server level or what?

Ill provide more info/access if an admin wants to find out if its a bug if required but thought id just check to see if anyone else has noticed this first.