[Defender] Please Add a Warning to Defender About "Updating"

When I clicked on "Defender >> IP Lockouts" a new process immediately started, without any warning at all. I have been waiting for 10 minutes and counting, while some process happens, and I have no idea what it is. It just says "Please hold on, we are updating your data, please don't close this tab…"

This is my production site. I can't have database processes running unexpectedly, without having had the opportunity to test it, and to backup my database first. Not to mention, I am now sitting here, stalled, unable to do what I was trying to do, when I have a deadline looming. At least I had time to file a feature request….. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please implement a explanation and warning about how long it will take, as well as the option to NOT proceed with whatever it's doing, or include a description of the process and instructions on how to bail out, after it starts.

Update: The process actually stalled at 15% and never recovered. I reloaded the page and it tried to start up again. What's going on? Being in the dark is the worst. :slight_frown:

  • kalico
    • The Bug Hunter

    Funny….I did not see this reply and it has just happened again — about a year later! I have two screenshots and some information on what preceded this event.

    Out of the blue, I got some reports today from my staff who said they were getting the screenshot shown here.

    [image pos="1"]

    As long as they log in to the site, it's ok. But otherwise, they get this message on some subset of the pages of our site. I am trying to figure out what the pattern is, and will let you know what I determine.

    Since the message says their IP has been blocked, I went to Defender and clicked on IP Lockouts. Immediately, this "update" began.

    As of now, the update has completed (whereas in my last report, it crashed partway through).

    There is now very long and ominous scrolling list of IP addresses that are blocked. I am SURE this is not my doing, because I have WordFence Pro, which is the only thing we use to block IP addresses. I have never used Defender for this purpose.

    Look how tiny that scroll bar is! I started scrolling and there must be hundreds of blocked IPs. I am going to remove them all because that is my only hope right now of restoring access to my site, and this was never my intended use.

    Hopefully this will be enough information to get some resolution to this issue.


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