Defender Plugin creating issues with htaccess

I noticed this morning my site was down with a 50 internal server error. Server tech said:

8:50 am
seems there's an issue with the .htaccess file here, just a moment
8:54 am - site is loading now, seems the wp-defender plugin had put in a large number of allow from statements regarding robots.txt and this messed up the .htaccess. i made a backup of the file, and took that section out of the original one. site worked after that

William Pierce
should I change or disable the plugin?

Adam Mayers
i would try disabling it, maybe updating it if there is an update.

William Pierce
what does a large number of allow statements mean?
maybe there's a setting I can change

Adam Mayers
i'm not sure why they were all there, especially as they all looked the same, but i was seeing this error in the log which brought it to my attention:
[Tue Jan 24 09:49:30.474746 2017] [core:alert] [pid 20834:tid 140490548692736] [client] /home/newmemberwebsite/public_html/.htaccess: /home/newmemberwebsite/public_html/.htaccess:361: <Files> was not closed.
seems syntax on it may have been wrong. i would suggest contacting the plugin dev for assistance on that matter

Any ideas what this could mean?