[Defender Pro] Add Log Search Username & IP Address Template Variable

Occasionally we have users who are unable to log into their account. They ignore the login countdown warnings and end up locking themselves out.

Two new features would be helpful for us to resolve this IP banning for these users:

1) Please add a user name search to the IP lockout logs screen. Currently, we have to paginate through multiple pages and manually search for these user names.

2) Please add a template variable (e.g. {user_ip_address}) that we can include in the "Custom message" users receive when their IP is banned, so that we can output the user's IP address into the page. We are currently directing users to use 3rd-party services for providing their IP address. It would be more dependable to allow them to see what our site actually sees their IP address as, instead. Using it as a variable would allow the site admin to determine if they want to hide/show that information.