[Defender Pro] Aggregate data from other security auditing plugins

Looking at the WP Security Audit Log plugin I’m envious of its audit logging of changes in yet other plugins.

We see requests in these forums from time to time for WPMU DEV plugins to support features which are present in other plugins. I really don’t like that approach. I believe it’s better for Dev to dove-tail with other plugins rather than trying to duplicate functionality.

For this request, rather than asking for a duplication of the same logging found in that other security plugin, or others, I’m asking for an enhancement to Defender which retrieves audit data from other plugins, and integrates that data into the Defender Audit Log. With this approach, Dev doesn’t need to integrate with Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, or other plugins to capture their events, we just need one code module to retrieve data from one plugin. Of course a site that wants that logging data needs to install that separate security plugin. But once this task is complete we will continue to get all of the benefits of enhancements to that plugin and Dev doesn’t need to do anything!

Following on with that concept – I believe such an integration should be implemented as an add-on, like Forminator supports a number of add-ons for other plugins. So we can have the first one for WP Security Audit Log, another for IP Geo Block logs, another for Ban Hammer, etc.

The result is that Defender will provide a single dashboard for a wide variety of audit logging, far beyond anything that Dev has the desire or ability to build-in. This is something that I believe is unique in the industry, and that should draw more people to use this plugin.